Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blog anniversary

In case you've not noticed, this blog is entering its third year. Just like many other things you do in life, I had more than one reason to start putting my thoughts in writing. I've already forgotten some of the reasons, and some new ones will also appear over time. But I keep posting. Nevertheless, here are some of them, in no particular order.

I wanted to have a means to vent my frustration with all the things in my job that nobody wanted to talk about but everyone was afraid of. Whether it is about killing flat text files -I still passionately hate them- or being allowed to think out of the box, I was, and still am, perplexed by the amount of time and effort that is being spent on seemingly simple problems that can be resolved by just taking a bit of time off and leaving your brain thinking in the background about the problem. Maybe this is more a reflection on my own personal way of thinking than anything else, but at least works for me.

I also wanted to share my thinking with other people. As a medium to do that, a blog is less than ideal. It reminds me of a scene from "The Ugly Truth" were the girl is having a blind date and takes with her a paper with a set of conversation topics just in case he and she start to get uncomfortable with the silence. Since I'm the one proposing the topics, it's not fair to expect readers to be in a mood fitting a specific theme.

I wanted to use the blog as some means of business introduction. Potential customers interested in my services could have a look at what is my line of thinking, what they could expect from my services and hopefully willing to pay a higher than usual rate expecting a better than usual result from their tuning money.

Some of these objectives have been met. Others have scored something in the middle. Others have been a big failure. I leave to my intelligent and knowledgeable readership to guess which ones belong to each category.

Looking at the posts, I see that I've managed to post at least once a month, give or take a few months. I've also discovered how hard is to write a half decent piece, even a short one. I've also learned that I did not wanted to just talk about database performance tuning, but to comment whatever fits my mood or is a topic I'm interested in.

Looking forward to write the next anniversary post in three years or so.

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